Durweston CE VA Primary School
Church Road • Durweston • Blandford Forum • Dorset • DT11 0QA
call: 01258 452277 • fax: 01258 489671 • e-mail: office@durweston.dorset.sch.uk

Our School

The Aims of Our School

‘Where everyone has a friend & everything is possible’
  • Resourceful learners
  • Considerate individuals
  • Citizens who make a difference
‘We have a right to learn and play. Respecting others every day."
"Making friends and having fun. There’s a chance for everyone’"
- School Council

Our Christian Aims

  1. To equip every child to thrive as part of the local, national and global community; encouraging tolerance, respect and honesty
  2. To nurture children to become independent, motivated and resourceful learners, enabling them to reach their God-given potential
  3. To inspire a generosity of spirit within our children which encourages them to become confident, well-mannered, respectful and ultimately happy individuals
  4. To promote religious understanding and a growing appreciation of the Christian faith in order to encourage ‘deep thinking’ and development of values for life
  5. To develop children’s spirituality through all areas of the curriculum
Created during Values and Vision Day • Friday 23rd October 2009 • Revised at meeting with Staff ^ Govenors 15th October 2013