Whilst we're changing providers, we can't send out messages by text. Please check here for the latest information. Thank you!

Monday 3rd February 2020, 2.30pm.


Just to let you know that the new Spring Term 2 menu from Local Food Links will go live on Tuesday morning.  A hard copy of the menu will be in your child’s book bag tomorrow.


If your child would like hot school meals after half term, please go online and place your order.

Tuesday 4th February 2020, 11.45am

A reminder there is no Imagineers Club today. Please collect your child at 3.30pm.

Please return your slip with your up to date email and address details to the office by the end of the week. You can also email your details directly to office@durweston.dorset.sch.uk.

Wednesday 5th February

SIAMS (church school) inspection tomorrow.  Parents are invited to come and speak to the inspector at 3pm.  Please click on the button for more information. 

If there are any issues with the website then please contact the School office

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