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So you are joining us... Welcome!

Thank you so much for coming to work with us all at Durweston. Before you make a start, there are a few things left to do.

We take Safeguarding very seriously here at Durweston and expect all of our staff and volunteers, peripatetic staff and regular visitors to share  our high expectations. Therefore, please do use the information below to make sure you are fully prepared for your first day in school, which will include a short induction with one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads. Thank you.

Whether you are joining us as a volunteer, a new member of staff, peripatetic teacher, coach or club leader, you are valuable to us. That is why getting this next bit right, is important. 

Below, you will find an induction form suitable for your new role. Please complete, print and bring in on your first day having read all of the documents listed on the form. You will find the listed documents below. Not all of them will be appropriate for your role so please do check the form carefully. Some documents may ask you to print and sign slips, so please bring these in also. 

Other Roles
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