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OFSTED visited us on 21st and 22nd September 2022.  They looked at what we do and saw that it was Good!

'Everyone is proud to be a part of Durweston school'

'Relationships between all members of the school staff are warm and nurturing.'

'Leaders have designed an ambitions curriculum...pupils build on the knowledge they have and know more over time.'

'Pupils love to read. They talk with enthusiasm about the books they choose.'

'There is a vast range of enrichment activities for pupils of all ages.

'Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. 

OFSTED visited our school remotely on 16th March 2021 to carry out an additional  monitoring inspection. They found the following strengths.

You have raised the expectations of pupils and staff

Teachers read to pupils regularly to develop vocabulary and to help them to understand complex texts

Pupils who are behind benefit from extra support so that they can catch up quickly. 

Reading is a priority in the school. Teachers and teaching assistants are skilful in teaching phonics. 

Teachers listen to pupils read regularly. This enables teachers to check that pupil's reading skills are progressing well. 

Teachers deliver remote learning effectively. 

The SENDCo is painstaking in her approach to each pupil with SEND. She ensures they make progress towards their individual targets. 

Governors have provided effective advice.

100% of our parents would recommend our school to another parent.

Letter to Parents

And don't forget the strengths they recognised in 2019!

… there is a trend of rising attainment in the school from 2016 to 2018. More pupils are now reaching the expected standards in reading, writing and mathematics than previously. 

Leaders, teachers and other staff know the pupils well and take a keen interest in what motivates them.

In 2018, pupils’ progress  in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of key stage 2 was in in line with the national average.  Current work in books and other information held by the school shows that pupils continue to make steady progress.

Leaders ensure that an emphasis on performance, arts, music and sport provides pupils with a strong foundation in these curricular areas.

Pupils show respect, tolerance and courtesy at all times throughout the day. They are proud of the school and enjoy caring for each other.

Pupils say that bullying is not a problem in the school and staff respond effectively should it occur. Parents also agree overwhelmingly with this view.

Pupils …have a well-developed moral compass and know right from wrong.

The physical education (PE) and sport funding is used well. Pupils enjoy a range of sporting opportunities provided by sports coaching and varied activities, including archery. Breaktimes also have a strong offer for pupils to develop their physical skills, health and well-being.

Parent View is just one way parents and carers can share their judgements of the school, giving us important feedback on how we can improve. Please use this link to do so, updating when appropriate.

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