Keeping Safe

Please find useful information on what we do to keep your children safe in school, how we encourage them to make safe choices and become responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.


We have also included some information that you may find useful at home as a parent or carer.



Safeguarding Lead: Julia Saint

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Nicola Brooke

E-Safety Lead: Julia Saint

Setting parental controls:


Safeguarding Governor: Francine Rough 

Harmful Material - Lawful but Awful

We've seen a significant rise in legal but harmful material online. It can appear in many different forms and often takes us by surprise. It can be upsetting, disrespectful and sometimes disgusting. There’s racism, hate speech, explicit pornography, suicide content, the list just goes on and on. But what may surprise us even more, is how often people find it.

Have you ever seen something online and thought ‘How can they get away with that? Surely that’s illegal?’ Online sites, sometimes the most familiar websites we’re accustomed to are consistently keeping harmful material on their servers because it is technically classified as legal.


Despite this, even if content is legal, that doesn't mean it isn't offensive. People should not be victim to harmful material online! That's where Report Harmful Content comes in.